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Staff and Volunteers

Since the MRDC was opened on October 2010; we have 2 employees, one of them is Khmer and the other one is from Bunong people. They are in charge to collect books, reports, CDs, VCDs, maps, newspapers and photographs, to manage the database and how to catalogue the resources,  to welcome visitors and introduce the MRDC to them. Otherwise they respond to organize cultural events- movie screenings and the cultural exhibitions, to translate various documents for promotion and advertisement of the MRDC as well as attending other activities of Nomad RSI.

The volunteers who are working in MRDC are 7, 5 of them are Bunong and other 2 are Khmer. They are supporting the MRDC staffs covering opening hours during lunch times and Saturdays in order to provide a longer timeframe for visitors who want to access to MRDC service during that time. Otherwise, the volunteer team assists staff for the monthly movie screenings at the office and participated in field trips to conduct interviews about story telling and food from the forest. This team is a catalyst for distributing the objectives of the MRDC to their friends, classmates, roommates and communities. Most of volunteers are living at the boarding school and ASPECA. They are as well introduced to researchers who need assistance for their work. In this way, the volunteers can get a lot of new experience.

Bunthy CheyOen Chang

Bunthy Chey              Oen Chang

Solonh MeubSaran SinSaveuy PenhMarinith Rin

Solonh Meub    Saran Sin       Saveuy Penh   Marinith Rin

Vit LeLen ChangSaravuth Pen

Vit Le           Len Chang   Saravuth Pen

On the other side, you can read the very interesting case study of our friend and colleague Heng who also features on the United Nations Teamworks websites about successful women and indigenous people.

We are pleased to add that our partner, the Cambodian Indigenous Youth Association, also provides partners, the latest of whom is Vanny Rath who you can read about here.

We are also teaming up with international volunteering organisation Globalteers - for more information, please go to our Facebook or sister site.


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