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Our Own Organisation: MIPAD

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We formally established our own "Mondulkiri Indigenous People Association for Development" organisation in early 2012. The Association was carefully developed and built up from the first group of just four village-based self-help groups in the same way as MRDC evolved. This is thanks to donors; Nomad RSI, and other supporters that include Mondulkiri's authorities  headed by HE Governor. MIPAD was officially registered with the Ministry of Interior in 2012::

Our original charter and scope of mission was declared at the inaugural meeting in Romonear Commune - this id reproduced below in English.

The acronym "MIPAD" is to be used. The logo above will be redesigned to reflect members' views. The first Constitution and By-Laws are now in operation. Thanks to a grant of $5,000 from First Peoples Worlwide, MIPAD will be able to refine and develop these in 2012. They can be seen here:

MIPAD's Interim Bye-Laws appear here. They will be confirmed and updated at the Inaugural National Assembly (AGM) to be held before the end of 2013.

MIPAD's Declaration at Romonear Commune - for a more readable pdf version, click here:

27 February 2013 - MIPAD conducted a strategic planning workshop in O'Rieng district to firm up objectives, activities and the way it is to operate. In all 31 participants attended, with 19 Indigenous People, and 12 other stakeholders including Nomad RSI staff, local officials, and another local NGO representative. The meeting was very cordial and constructive affirming the commitment to promote the interests of all indigenous people across-the-board.  It also recommneded MIPAD to work in partnership with other organisations.  Please contact us for a full report.

January 2014 - The inaugural General Assembly of MIPAD took place - please see report here - so our organisation is now full-constituted with its elected Board of Directors with six indigenous people village/SHG representatives, three women and three men.

Here is a close-up of the Putaing Traditional Dance Troupe who performed at the Assembly and who are one of our successful SHGs.

MIPAD wishes to acknowledge the help and assistance of other organisations, in particular in learning from their experience and allowing us to use their methodology. Please see " Ockenden and Cambodians Part 1" with Part 2 and "Sustainability is the Name of the Game".

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